Friday, November 16, 2012

A (Brief) Update on Life, Work, and the Pursuit of New Me-ness.

Well, it has been forever and a few months since I've updated this fine piece of Bloggedy Goodness. So here's the long and the short of it-

I found a new home on the web! Luckily, it has the same address as my old home, so everyone should go look and see how shiny it is.

It' so HTML5 and pretty. And speaking of which, I've got a brand new promotional video as well, recorded during my run at 2012's Texarkana Renaissance Faire, the Lakewood Lions Renaissance Faire, and The Big E! Take a gander at the ginger:

Please feel free to share it with others, like it on Youtube, and comment and say "ERMAGERD! ITS DERNYL GRNWERF! ooor whatever else you'd like to say. 

I got married this past July, I've lost 140 pounds since Jan of 2010 (Which is almost since I last posted on Blogger) and I'm rebranding myself as the Celtic Magician... because I've realized that I've been doing a theme with my show that noone else does- and I'm embracing it, Dammit!

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